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Welcome to Amadeus Hospitality Web Services for Events! This document will walk you through the basics from authenticating with Amadeus Hospitality Web Services (AHWS) to actually retrieving event data. As we guide you through this process it is expected you will have some familiarity with REST, however you do not need to be an expert. Connecting with AHWS can be achieved by even the most inexperienced developers. To start, we will take a look at authentication.

NOTE: Before your first API call, you must register as a AHWS partner and log into the portal.

Events API Tutorial


Authenticate with AHWS

Once you have your Events API credentials (supplied by Amadeus Hospitality) you will be able to use all the APIs outlined in this document. When using the developer console in this documentation, you can simply input your AHWS credentials into "Authentication type" field as "Resource Owner Password":

Access token expires on: 03/27/2015 9:36 AM

For a deeper dive on our authentication, check out our authentication guide.