Integrations for all your hospitality needs, centralized in one place. AHWS provides the APIs for common hospitality product integrations as well as opportunity for entirely new applications.

Booking Analysis APIs

Booking Analysis APIs allow you to integrate with property booking information, these APIs notify you of booking changes and allow you to call in retrieve the latest version of that data. These API's do require you to establish a relationship with a property in order to access this data.

Shop and Book APIs

The Shop & Book suite of APIs enables you to offer your customers the ability to search for event space and catering packages, and directly book packages into your Sales & Catering system, bypassing the need for tedious RFPs and streamlining the event sales process.

Room Block APIs

A product containing APIs which deliver Bookings and related updates to our partners.

Event APIs

Event APIs allow you to integrate with property event information. After establishing a relationship with a property, you can use this API to grab their event data and display it anywhere, anytime. This suite of APIs isn't limited to the readerboard experience the hotel industry is used to. You can bring events to mobile or display events anywhere the hotel needs.

Data File Exchange APIs

A group of APIs used for retrieving data files containing Delphi.FDC content.